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Camisole: A short sleeveless garment for women that feels like lingerie.A decorative detail in which short fibers are applied to the surface of a fabric in a particular pattern by using an adhesive.Hoodie: Dice out of Crap Terms Apparel Pullover Hoodie - Dark Grey Image.This coat was originally designed to make driving a car more comfortable.Skirt with attached undershorts that offers the look of a skirt with the modesty and comfort of shorts.

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A type of woven or knit fabric with a looped, knotted surface.

Coarse lacework made by weaving and knotting a series of cords, threads, strings or yarns into a decorative pattern.The repeated exposure in water leads to a softer, worn-in look on the garments.A look characterized by simple forms and basic color schemes.Apparel Production Terms and Processes, Bubonia-Clarke, Janace, Acceptable Book.Wide loose-fitting sleeves modeled after the garments worn in traditional Japanese theater.Hoodie: Dice out of Crap Terms Apparel Pullover Hoodie S - Black.A sheer, crinkled fabric woven from hard-twisted yarns to produce a pebbly surface.A round or teardrop-shaped cutout that fastens at the front or back neckline.

A run-resistant, double-edged strip or insert for embellishment or reinforcement.A flat, decorative braid usually consisting of narrow loops, similar to crochet.Current fashion descriptions use the term ruching to refer to clothing with large areas of fullness gathered in to form a rippled effect.

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A silk or rayon velvet with lustrous pile flattened in one direction.LBD or the Little Black Dress: A black cocktail dress that has become a fashion staple after being first introduced by Coco Channel.A large pocket formed by sewing a piece of cloth over the center or stomach area of the garment leaving both ends open.Small, usually geometric patterns that are woven into a fabric.The Language of Fashion: Slang, Jargon, and Journalistic Style. and enthusiasts in the fashion industry incorporates.

A lower and more popular price point for garments from most design houses.A type of dye applied and held to the fabric with resins and cured at high temperatures.

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A tightly woven plain-weave fabric characterized by fine, crisscrossing ribs.This is used to create garments that closely follow the curves of the body.A section of fabric that is cut narrow at the waist and wide at the hem.

Depending on its application, vinyl can be any thickness or color, it can be rigid or flexible, and it can also be weather-, heat- or impact-resistant.A stitch used in knitting to create a tiny, open-worked pattern typically with geometric shapes.The language of the fashion world is full of foreign words that are frequently used in the media.The softer side of leather, which has been brushed, leaving a velvetlike texture.An open-weave, straw-like fabric spun from banana plant fibers.

In the best garments, the inside will look as complete as the outside.Microfiber is also ideal for cleaning products because it is non-abrasive, absorbent and leaves no lint or dust.A medium- to heavyweight fabric (usually cotton) with a cut-pile weave construction.It is also resistant to stains, mildew, abrasions and sunlight.

A method of dyeing in which parts of fabric are coated with wax, resulting in varying patterns or colors.A process of treating a thread, yarn or fabric to increase its luster, color retention and durability.This term often describes apparel that has been through a standard wash cycle in a commercial washing machine.Androgynous: A gender-bending look, neither male nor female but a combination of both.Definitions of four fashion terms that help explain clothing fabrication.Corset: A slim fitting top, usually strapless with stiff boning inside as support and either laced up or with hooks as closures.

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A lightweight, manmade material characterized by a high-strength, abrasive quality.

Apparel Production Terms and Processes, Bubonia, Janace, Good Book.A very smooth and luxurious fabric that involves a unique finishing process to gently sand the fabric making it very soft.A type of embroidery in which small holes are cut out in the fabric and finished by embellishment of thread around the opening.

Coarse fibers taken from inside the woody stem of the flax plant.Casting directors act as the liaison between design houses and modeling agencies, particularly during fashion week.A dyeing process where yarns are immersed in a coloring solution and then woven or knit to make fabric.Unlike screen printing, where the ink lays on top of the garment, this process creates permanent images that will not crack or fade.Fashion. Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture.

A unique type of printing in which art is digitally replicated and printed on the surface of polyester.The piece of cloth that reinforces an opening that is the closure of the garment.For a label or business to qualify as a couture house it must belong to the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture in Paris.Hoodie: Dice out of Crap Terms Apparel Pullover Hoodie L - Black.Fabric that is tightly woven in a plain weave with a crosswise rib.

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Jodhpurs: Riding pants, with loose fabric at the hip and fitting tightly from knee to ankle.Lightweight, sheer fabric of twisted filament yarns with a soft weave and an airy drape.